To Order Real Estate Photographs:

1. Click the down arrow below select area of property.

2. Fill out full address of property to be photographed.

3. Fill out the password you want to access your pictures.

4. Select "Add to Cart" Botton.

To add Aerial Drone or Interior Video repeat but select video choice instead of area.

Price List:

Adding or Non-Drone / Property Tour Video for Virtual Tours $150.00

Pictures only Charles County MD $175.00

Pictures Only Prince Georges County MD $200.00

Pictures Only Washington DC $225.00

Pictures Only Montgomery County MD $250.00

Pictures Only St. Marys County MD $200.00

Pictures Only Anne Arundel County MD $250.00

Pictures Only Northern VA   $250.00

Pictures Only Baltimore MD $250.00 

Adding Aerial Drone Video $100.00

Select Location than Add to Cart
Address of Property and Notes
Create Gallery Password

Samples of Listing Photographs and Aerial Drone Video (Select picture below)

To set up your Listing for a photo shoot, click on down arrow above and select your area. Please make sure to include the address and any other instructions in the note section then chose your payment method.        ( Accepts all major credit cards )

Your shoot of over 30 photographs in most cases will be uploaded within 48 hours for your access. A photo gallery with the  password you created will download your photographs.  Keith Hawkins is a Real Estate Agent and in most cases can schedule an appointment for access according. ( MRIS Access )

Aerial Drone Footage available Starting at $100 you must call Keith 240-413-6252 to confirm that you are not in a restricted area, and for a price quote.

Drone operator Keith Hawkins is FAA Licensed to fly. Drone is registered with FAA. Information available upon request.

For more information call or text Keith Hawkins ( Photographer / Real Estate Agent ) 240-413-6252. Email:

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